Tools and Resources for Faculty

There are many considerations and elements that are essential to developing and delivering a successful community engaged learning experience through a course. 

At the Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) our role is to provide expertise and resources to support faculty in 5 critical areas.

In this Toolkit, you will find clarity on the role the Centre plays in supporting your work, examples from current collaborations as well as links to practical tools and resources.

What is community engaged learning?

Community engaged learning is an overarching term that encompasses a number of community-based pedagogical practices, including Community Service Learning, Community Based Action Research and others.  All community engaged learning activities involve students applying their academic learning within a community context.

Community engaged learning is quite different from volunteering. The emphasis is on mutual benefit. Students have the opportunity to apply their academic learning in a community context, deepening their understanding of disciplinary content. Community partners have the opportunity to draw on students’ talents as a contribution to the work of their organization, while also teaching students about key issues in the sectors in which they are working. 

It is critical to the success of community engaged learning that community partners take on the role of educators of students – they define the priorities that students work on, and the contours of the student experience. It always involves an intentional learning process where students are engaged in guided critical reflection throughout the experience.

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