CCEL staff facilitate projects and programs between university and community organizations. We are invested in working with faculty members to integrate community engagement into their research and teaching. We support faculty to provide deeper learning experiences for students, where all parties take part in both the teaching and the learning.

Community Engaged Teaching Fellows

The Community Engaged Teaching Fellows cohort provides faculty and educators a pathway for designing new community engaged educational experiences for students on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Social Impact Lab Toolkit

The Social Impact Lab (SIL) Toolkit is an online resource designed to inspire educators to integrate social-impact projects into coursework and other types of training. The SIL Toolkit extends CCEL’s existing Social Impact Lab (SIL) and takes the form of an open-access, modular curriculum, which consists of potential learning outcomes, as well as a variety of lessons to achieve those outcomes. Educators can adapt the outcomes and associated lessons that they think are most relevant for their needs. 

Teaching & Learning

CCEL designed a self-directed course for faculty and instructors aimed at developing community engaged learning content and materials for integration into classes.

The materials created will guide students toward the successful accomplishment of disciplinary learning outcomes through the use of community engaged learning pedagogical practice.

Advancing Community Engaged Learning Fund

The Advancing Community Engaged Learning Fund enables faculty and instructors to design, deliver, and integrate community engaged learning practices and processes into courses and programs.


Preparing students for their community engaged learning experience is an important element in supporting learning, fostering a supportive classroom climate, and building the tools and resilience to help them work through the challenges of their engagements (Ash & Clayton 2009, Umbach & Wawrzynski 2005 and Ngai, Chan & Kwan 2018).

Our workshops support productive and positive collaborations with the community and help students make meaning from their experience.

If you have questions

The CCEL team is happy to support faculty in curricular integration, course delivery, partnership development, assessment, project development, and professional development initiatives.

Connect with us to learn more about the work we can do together!