UBtheChange and Community Action Days

UBtheChange and Community Action Days

About UBtheChange and Community Action Days

UBtheChange is a student-led program that supports UBC students in taking their first steps as changemakers for social and environmental issues during their university career.

Through UBtheChange, students can:

  • Connect with other passionate peers and community organizations across Metro Vancouver.
  • Participate in fun and engaging events that support broader social and environmental movements.
  • Learn about pathways for pro-social action in pressing local and global issues. 
  • Collaborate with and directly impact community organizations that work with diverse populations.
  • Put learning into practice and develop career skills.

UBtheChange sessions happen on campus through student events, or off campus as Community Action Days, which are short-term projects with schools and nonprofit organizations across Metro Vancouver.

Become a UBtheChange Activator

UBtheChange Activators plan and provide peer support for UBtheChange events and projects. 

As a UBtheChange Activator, you can connect your interests, lived experience, and leadership skills to broader social movements through one of the following roles:

UBtheChange Student Activators

Develop fun, low-barrier events for students to engage with social issues, such as pop-up cafés, social media campaigns, peer advising, and more.

UBtheChange Community Activators

Work with diverse stakeholders to plan and carry out short-term projects, such as Community Action Days, that directly benefit local communities and create meaningful learning experiences for UBC students.

Attend on-campus sessions

UBtheChange events and pop-up sessions happen throughout the academic year. The topics and format of on-campus sessions change each year based on the planning by UBtheChange Activators.

Some on-campus sessions held in the past include:

Climate Justice Paint Night

Students made paintings and protest signs based on the theme of climate justice. During the event, students also discussed local climate issues and learned about research-based climate action from a UBC professor.

E.A.T (Engage and Taste)

Activators invited students to play games that raised awareness on food affordability and access, and created a recipe book with affordable recipes.

Coffee chats and booths

On-campus booths where students talk about social and environmental issues, learn about ways to take action, grab treats, and win prizes.

How to get involved

Get updates about UBtheChange and Community Action Days events through social media or email! These platforms will keep you updated on all of our UBtheChange events.

If you have questions

For more information regarding UBtheChange or Community Action Days, please email Sydney Kroes at sydney.kroes@ubc.ca.