A New Web Map Exchange Developed to Enhance Community Engaged Teaching and Learning

Assistant professor of Forestry, Paul Pickell, sought to enhance knowledge transfer between students and community partners and to provide the public access to a number of resources focused on protecting and regulating natural habitats and renewable natural resources. These resources, developed by students in partnership with community mentors, have since been made accessible to organizations throughout the world seeking to move their own priorities forward. Paul specifically used ACEL funding to develop a digital project library to archive and share current and past projects along with a Mentor Portal to better connect students and community partners and support them in their collaborative work by leveraging technology to provide platforms for ongoing connections to remain active. 

Community engaged learning has significantly improved for the MGEM program now that we have a digital platform for engaging community partners at both ends of the project lifecycle, from project proposal to web map showcase. These new engagements have enhanced knowledge transfer from UBC to the community partners as well as provided students with opportunities to be placed under the mentorship of a professional working in their field.


Recruitment for these collaborative projects happens annually between April to July with the program launching in September of each year.  Project submission information can be found on the Mentor Portal.

If you would like to hear more about Advancing Community Engaged Learning Fund or how to centre community in your teaching and learning contact us community.learning@ubc.ca.