Social Impact Lab (SIL)

The Social Impact Lab (SIL) is a learning platform for students to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and build community. Students work with each other, local community partners, and faculty to develop ideas and solutions through actionable projects that tackle social and environmental issues using a systems thinking and collective impact approach.

By joining the program, you will:

  • Apply your classroom learning to the real world
  • Put your values into practice
  • Develop new career skills
  • Network with other passionate students and community organizations
  • Launch new ideas and solutions to address critical social and environmental challenges on a local and global scale

Climate Action Mobilizers

The Climate Action Mobilizers (CAM) Project draws from the Social Impact Lab framework and aims to empower UBC students to tackle social and climate justice issues to address the climate emergency.

CAM engages with neighbourhoods and communities to collaborate in the development and implementation of climate action projects to address the climate crisis.

Democracy Lab

The Democracy Lab provides opportunities for individuals to develop political literacy and generate change through political engagement.

It consists of a series of seminars, excursions, and opportunities to collaborate with community organizations.

For more information on our next Democracy Lab event, click on the link below.