CCEL Grants: Examples of Project Topics

The topics included below are non-exhaustive. Project topics falling outside of those listed below may still be eligible for a CCEL grant. If you’re unsure, connect with our grants advisor to discuss whether or not your project may be eligible.

Food Security

The projects highlighted aim to address complex and interconnected issues within our food systems by seeking to strengthen resilience and promote equitable access to food. Emphasizing the significance of community engagement and cross-sector collaboration, these projects strive to empower individuals and communities, to promote food sovereignty, and to foster resilient food systems that can adapt and withstand shocks and disruptions.


Through targeted initiatives, such as mentorship programs and skills training, the projects highlighted actively work to uplift communities that have been historically underrepresented or underserved. By engaging directly with communities and building bridges of support and understanding, these projects seek to create pathways for success, to foster self-determination, and to cultivate a society that thrives on diversity and equality.


The highlighted projects embrace the unique experiences and contributions of new immigrant communities. Through cultural revitalization efforts, these projects seek to breathe new life into traditional practices, languages, and arts, to ensure their resilience for future generations. By prioritizing accessible education, these projects strive to break down barriers and provide equitable opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds.


The highlighted projects and initiatives address environmental challenges at local levels, where the impacts are felt acutely. They engage with community members as active participants, seeking their input, insights, and collaboration to inform effective solutions. Through targeted efforts, these projects aim to enhance community health, safeguard natural resources, and promote environmental justice.