Neighbourhood Climate Chats

Event Overview

To kick off the two-year Climate Action Mobilizer (CAM) Project, the CAM team organized and facilitated an inaugural event: Neighbourhood Climate Chats (NCC).

During this convening event, the Climate Action Mobilizers hosted a number of keynote speakers and local climate experts who led table discussions on key domains for climate action in a World Café format. There were two rounds of discussion, and five climate domains that participants could choose from. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NCC event was offered in a fully hybrid format.

This event brought together UBC students, residents, municipal representatives, community organizations, and neighbourhood climate champions to discuss what real climate action looks like in local communities. This event helped to kickstart a series of community climate action workshops in various Vancouver neighbourhoods such as Killarney, Hastings Sunrise, Trout Lake, Mount Pleasant, and more.


“Incredible event, I had such a blast and can’t wait to come to more of these events!”

UBC Student

“It’s a really good event to inspire me to have hope again because I have been losing my hope for a long time.”

UBC Student

Event Outcomes & Community Partner Takeaways

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