For Our Kids Climate Walk

Event Overview

The Climate Action Mobilizers hosted a Climate Walk for preschoolers and elementary school students in collaboration with the Burnaby chapter of For Our Kids, a local climate action group. The goal was to spread awareness about community-based climate action, and share knowledge about the causes, impacts, mitigation and adaptation (CIMA) measures related to climate change.

The walk brought together 20 kids and 14 parents who signed up to learn about their ecological footprints and identify climate vulnerabilities and solutions in the Brentwood Park neighbourhood.

The event began with an engaging explanation of climate change for kids. The Climate Action Mobilizers then led the participants on a Climate Walk through the Brentwood neighbourhood, pointing out aspects of CIMA and asking the kids questions along the way to reinforce their learning, and inspire critical thinking and analysis about their neighbourhood. 

The walk concluded with time for reflection, where the kids were invited to draw examples of CIMA that they had observed and learned about during the Climate Walk. We have included an image below! 


Kids Cool Kit

The Climate Action Mobilizers have designed a Kids Cool Kit that can be used to guide you on a climate walk! It includes an explanation of climate change, an ecological footprint calculator, and more – all in a kid-friendly way!


“It was very eye-opening to be led on a walk around our own neighborhood and think about our own community through the lens of climate action and climate solutions.”

Pam Dodd, Burnaby For Our Kids

“It was a fun, active and accessible way to build a common language for future discussions with kids and parents about neighbourhood climate solutions and actions.”

Kate McMahon, Burnaby For Our Kids

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