Cool ‘Hood Champs


The Climate Action Training: Cool ‘Hood Champs program is aimed at increasing awareness of and addressing climate change in neighbourhoods. It was developed by the UBC Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) and is jointly offered by CALP and the Centre for Community Engaged Learning.

The Cool ‘Hood Champs program offers community members the opportunity to become a climate action champion in their neighbourhood through a series of interactive workshops. These workshops are designed to: 

  • Educate participants on ways to identify climate impacts and existing community assets through a guided Neighbourhood Climate Walk;
  • Envision a climate resilient neighbourhood through a Mapping & Visioning exercise;
  • Empower participants to collaborate with their neighbours to develop their very own Climate Action Plan.


2021-2022 Overall Event Outcomes

Overall outcomes for workshop series in Hastings-Sunrise and Killarney, Trout Lake, and Mount Pleasant neighbourhoods.

2023 Overall Event Outcomes

Overall outcomes for workshop series in the Little Mountain neighbourhood.

Individual Neighbourhood Workshop Series Outcomes


Killarney Cool ‘Hood Champs


“[I] learned a lot about ways to get folks engaged in climate action. I found the time spent brainstorming and strategizing on local plans really useful. Really appreciate all the fun, engaging tools you’ve provided.”

Killarney Workshop Participant

“Friendly and professional workshop. It was interesting to look at our neighborhood through a climate lens. Very valuable and important!”

Killarney Workshop Participant


Hastings-Sunrise Cool ‘Hood Champs


“The direness of our climate emergency can make us feel at times helpless and ineffective. [This workshop series] offers a chance to meet with others in your own neighbourhood, find out what resources are available to you and gain confidence that even small accessible changes can make a difference… feeling connected to those who are already working for the benefit of all is an important part of citizen engagement.”

Hastings-Sunrise Workshop Participant

“Cool Hood Champs gave me lots of tools for me as an individual and for organizing my neighbourhood to take climate action. With climate being such a huge and divisive issue, these tools are so timely and critical.”

Hastings-Sunrise Workshop Participant

Trout Lake

Trout Lake Cool ‘Hood Champs


“These workshops were great! Meeting new people and learning what I can do at a neighbourhood level to take action on climate change were invaluable!”

James, Trout Lake Workshop Participant

“[This workshop series] opened my eyes to how many little things everyone can do to fight climate change. We can all do something and it doesn’t have to cost any money.”

Josephine, Trout Lake Workshop Participant

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Cool ‘Hood Champs


“Thanks so much for your amazing workshops. Your inspiration has created the MPNH Climate Girl-rillas who are working to implement our climate action plan. We are passionate about continuing your lead in making our city green.”

Dawn Marie Morgan, Co-chair Board Member at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

“This workshop series was an incredible reminder for me of how local communities and actions are so powerful and energizing. Learning from the people around me has made me want to get more involved in my local community/ neighbourhood groups and create a support network.”

Mount Pleasant Workshop Participant

Little Mountain

Little Mountain Cool ‘Hood Champs


“We need more of these to keep us positive and working together for a better future. Also enjoyed the age + gender demographics.”

Little Mountain Workshop Participant

“I found it valuable connecting with the community, learning about specific resources.”

Little Mountain Workshop Participant

Hear From Our Participants!

After the Trout Lake, Mount Pleasant and Little Mountain neighbourhood series, we asked a few attendees about their experiences. Here’s what they had to say!

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