Dancing with the Land

Audrey worked with the West Moberly First Nations (WMFN) on Dancing with the Land (Nun ke’ Daahwéhsats), a project to advance understanding of how climate change impacts and policies will impact Indigenous self-determination as well as the cultural values/rights associated with terrestrial and aquatic environments. Their work researching climate-action plans and co-creating a research needs assessment for the WMFN will lead to a cooperative climate research agenda (CCRA) and a multi-year effort to collaboratively produce climate research and recommendations for WMFN’s environmental planning.

UBC Student Project Lead: Audrey Irvine Broque

Community Partner: West Moberly First Nations

Grant Type: Chapman and Innovation

Year of Publication: 2022

Topic: Climate

Keywords: Climate + Environment, Social Justice, Indigenous Communities, Climate change, climate justice, climate policy, climate research, environmental justice, social justice, self-determination

Population: Indigenous, First Nations, Adult