Raising Marpole Voices


Raising Marpole Voices was co-designed in partnership with the Marpole Neighbourhood House and South Vancouver Neighbourhood House. The UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning’s Social Impact Lab is a hands-on learning platform that fosters community-engaged learning through collaboration between UBC students and community members on social and climate justice issues.

Housed and unhoused members of the South Vancouver community, community organizations, City representatives, and UBC students came together to discuss resilience-building to support diverse community needs during extreme cold weather. Community conversations at the event helped reduce stigma through the sharing of lived experiences, and fostered community connections for future collaborative and inclusive actions in South Vancouver.

The event centred the voices of marginalized community members through 3 main components:

  1. Community Conversation
  2. Scenario Challenges
  3. Debrief and Calls for Action

Through inclusive, facilitated group discussions, participants reflected on their experiences with extreme cold weather and connected with diverse community members. Tables shared knowledge of individual and community assets and resources, and worked together to respond to scenarios based on real world situations faced by the community members and organizations present.



Learning Outcomes

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Feature written by Shashi Goel

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