Dorm to Table: Activating Sustainable Food Practices with Microgreens


Students, staff, and environmental campus organizations from UBC mobilized around food literacy issues and sustainable food practices in Vancouver. Students gained a better understanding of sustainable food systems, connected with community organizations, and discussed concrete actions to enact change at the campus and local level. Although the space could only accommodate 61 participants, this event received an overwhelming response of 107 registrations.

The event had 3 main components that focused on sustainable practices at the local and campus level:

  1. Keynote Speakers and Cooking Demo – Duncan Chambers, owner of City Beet Farms; Andrea Carlson, Michelin starred chef
  2. Microgreens Growing Workshop and Guided Discussions
  3. Networking with Community and UBC Organizations

The event scaled to 5 additional workshops, with 3 implemented by UBC Resident Advisors, and 2 by CAMs at the Vancouver School Board’s Sustainability Conference. 



Growing Instructions for Microgreens

Wondering how to grow microgreens? The Climate Action Mobilizers have created a Microgreens Growing Guide, adapted from Million Gardens.

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