Paddling Together©: Building Decolonization Practices for Mobility Justice and Sustainable Cities


This event hosted by the UBC Climate Action Mobilizers and Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.) brought participants together for an experiential workshop facilitated by Kathi Camilleri (Metis/Cree and Irish ancestry). Paddling Together© focused on deepening participants’ understanding of traditional Indigenous values, and decolonizing perspectives around the concept of “community.” It brought together diverse experiences, and fostered engagement and connections among participants.  

The workshop began with a grounding activity which included the sharing of stories around community, ancestry, and connection to land. This was followed by experiential activities that fostered a collective understanding of Indigenous perspectives on decolonial and colonial village systems, and a reimagining of the concept of community as one that values and nurtures all members. In smaller group discussions, participants reflected on their learnings and the decolonial practices they can work towards in taking climate action and working towards mobility justice. The event culminated with participants adding their workshop takeaways and actions they will take to build a community-focused future onto a visual representation of a canoe.


This event was made possible by UBC CCEL, the UBC Climate Emergency Fund which supports the Climate Action Mobilizer Project, and a Province of British Columbia Multiculturalism and Anti Racism grant.


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